Learn about the governing board for the PEBB Program.

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEB Board) is the governing board for the PEBB Program. There are eight Board members who are appointed by the Governor. The Board helps to ensure PEBB members have access to high-quality health care and information about their benefits. They set eligibility requirements, make policy decisions, and approve premiums and plan benefits for medical and dental plans.

What is the PEB Board talking about right now?

In light of increasing premiums, the PEBB Program was directed by the Washington State Legislature to find options to help reduce costs for our retirees. The PEBB Program is currently evaluating whether Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage could help to keep monthly premiums down. We will present our findings to the PEB Board for them to evaluate the value on behalf of our members.

This is just one example of the important conversations the PEB Board will have this year.

Can I be involved?

Yes! The Board meets from February to July to discuss PEBB benefits. Meetings are both in-person and virtual and are always open to the public. We encourage you to attend and make comments (if you wish) at meetings to advocate for PEBB Program member needs. You can also submit comments before the meetings to be considered by the Board.

Learn more

Visit the PEB Board Meetings and materials webpage to find meeting dates and materials, listen to recordings of the meetings, and sign up for email notices.

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