“I was not one to think about insurance very often, or to worry too much about the coverage provided, until a trying time a couple of years ago. My husband and I were overjoyed to find out we were expecting our first child, but my pregnancy was a difficult one." - Maxine Holden, PEBB employee

“We relied on the behavioral health care available through the Employee Assistance Program to help us cope with the ups and downs we were feeling. Ultimately, my pregnancy ended with my son being delivered via an emergency C-section at 28 weeks gestational age. It was a frightening time, to say the least. The last thing on our minds was what would or wouldn’t be covered by medical insurance, or how much care would cost, or how our financial future might be impacted. All we cared about was the health of our son.

“The care we were provided through our PEBB coverage was amazing and every individual we spoke to went above and beyond. They were caring, sincere, and ensured everything which could be covered was so that we did not have to worry. We were even assigned a case manager who would check in regularly to answer any questions and connect us with resources. Our case manager became a great comfort and someone who celebrated our joy with us as our son grew and came home.

“My family is forever grateful for the care we were all given and continue to receive.”

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