Taylor Linke is the Health Care Authority’s (HCA) first director of the IT Innovation and Customer Experience Administration (ITICEA) and has worked for the state of Washington for 18 years.

Taylor recently shared some insights about her passion and commitment to her work.

As a leader of customer service at HCA, Taylor is responsible for improving customer access to health care for many in our state. She believes in using technology and person-centered design principles to create a better, more humane experience for those seeking care.

“For many, being in good health is something we take for granted. But at some point, in our lives, we will all need access to high-quality health care services,” she wrote. “Often when we reach this point, either for ourselves or someone we love, our emotions run high and the last thing we need is to encounter an inefficient, overly burdensome, de-humanizing, administratively complex process.”

On top of the many changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor works to support HCA’s IT teams navigate ever-changing federal and state regulations. She wrote, “Our IT teams have tackled each change with a ‘can do’ attitude and our customer service team members have put the people we serve at the center of all that they do.”

“The world around us is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of those we serve,” Linke wrote. “I am proud of how our team responded to the many changes thrown at them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically related to client health care coverage in our state.”

Like others at HCA, Taylor is driven by the desire to create high-quality, more affordable care for all Washingtonians the agency serves. “Seeing compassion extended in every interaction…has reinvigorated me and reminded me just how lucky I am to be a public servant!”

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