When clients and providers connect with Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) customer service, trained staff are there to answer questions and reduce barriers to care.

Staff help Apple Health clients understand and use their coverage and answer billing or benefits questions for providers.

Cynthia, an Apple Health customer service team member, answered the phone when an authorized representative (AREP) called for help. The AREP said a teenage refugee from Ukraine was having trouble getting dental care with their Apple Health coverage. The dental providers assumed Apple Health would not cover the procedure because the client’s previous dental work took place in Ukraine. The client needed care and couldn’t afford to pay for it without coverage.

After hearing this, Cynthia connected with her lead who reached out to the Health Care Authority’s (HCA) Dental Authorization Program Managers, Pixie and Janice, to assist the client. Pixie spoke with the client’s AREP and provided a list of dental providers that accepted Apple Health and could complete her dental procedure. Janice contacted one of our dental providers to confirm they could begin the first stage of the client’s operation.

Solving this challenge saved the client time, stress, and provided reassurance of our customer service team’s responsive assistance. The client can confidently continue using her coverage knowing that HCA staff will be available and more than happy to help in the future.

HCA’s dental team was recently recognized by the Arcora Foundation as their 2022 Oral Health Hero for working to ensure people with Apple Health can access high quality, culturally appropriate care in their communities.

People in need of free or low-cost health care coverage can apply for Apple Health through Washington Healthplanfinder.

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